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Hypnotherapy for gastric band removal is based on a time-tested theory. The designers determined that a unified approach was required, one that took into consideration modern ideas of weight management and offered a fresh perspective on virtual gastric band surgery. Obese clients have a BMI of 30 or more and will benefit from this technique.

Hypno-Band uses CBT, visualization, and suggestion therapy to assist you in changing your eating habits so that you consume fewer calories, more nutritious foods, and fewer snacks throughout the day. After having a gastric band fitted, your mind will fool you into thinking your stomach is smaller and you will not be hungry.

There have been numerous positive articles and documentary airings about the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Program. Customers with under or hyperactive thyroid who have not had their condition regulated by medication, for example, are not eligible for The Gastric Band Weight Loss Programme. The problem goes away if and only if it is stabilized. Avoid working with bulimics or those who have gained weight due to a medical condition or heredity. If this describes you, please read my article on using hypnotherapy to lose weight.

We will go over the intricacies of the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Weight Loss System in the first meeting to see if it is a good fit for you. We will give you a questionnaire to assist me to figure out what’s causing your binge eating. You’ll be able to start empowering yourself to change your eating habits as time goes on. You must be willing to change your behavior for it to succeed. Overeating can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which are psychological (eating to relieve stress or find comfort), while others involve eating the incorrect foods or snacking in between meals, all of which we will discuss in this session to help you break. You’ll be asked to fill out some papers regarding your health and prescription medicine routine. We then concentrate on your eating habits while you relax for an hour and begin making those beneficial changes. These are recorded on a CD, which you can take home and listen to whenever you need a reminder of our achievements. The initial meeting usually lasts two hours.

Over the course of four sessions, we’ll get started on the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy weight loss program in earnest. We help you figure out what’s wrong with your eating habits and give you the skills you need to make the necessary changes so you can finally lose those extra pounds. It’s time to get the gastric band, which includes meeting with the surgeon and anesthesiologist (while under hypnosis). The Virtual Gastric Band has two adverse effects: eating less and having a smaller stomach. If you choose, we can also walk you through the process of getting a gastric band. The success rate is roughly 70%, which is good, but nothing can be guaranteed. However, if you are committed to the program, you will be successful.

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